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Weigher with memory hopper

Identification number:4A-5XSH
Main features:

1.To add a memory hopper at the bottom of weighing hopper , increase combination speed and accuracy ,reduce strong    emission, to achieve a single line speed of 85 packs per minute, the maximum line speed of 75 packages per minute to achieve.

2.The standard vibration load cell of main vibrator plate and the optical level sensor can control product flow accurately.

3。The waterproof design reaches IP65 level。

4.Independent chute design with perfect angle to increase liquidity in the material.

5.All hoppers adopt Germany igus to reduce noise and increase the durability。 Concise and humanized design of display operating system,during the operation, you can modify the parameters to view the situation。

6.The comprehensive performance and cost performance have better than traditional 10-head weigher。

7。Cylindrical casing design,easy for cleaning and save time。

Product introduction

 Application sample:

 Frozen food, Puffed food, Roasted seeds&nuts, potato chips, biscuits, pet food, small block products   etc.





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