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The condition of Multihead weigher warranty

Maintenance knowledge

If the machine happens malfunction problem during using one year, AccuBal will provide free maintenance service for client, but as following situation, this maintenance should be invalid。

lThis malfunction problem not belong in the range maintenance condition of opeartion manual description.

lThis malfunction problem because of client wrong manipulation or made by unauthorized repair.

lThis malfunction problem happens because of client overuse the machine.

lThis malfunction problem happens because of not use the machine for right maintenance。

lSome malfunction problem was mainpulated by natural disaster,such as fire, flood and earthquake, etc。

lThe malfunction problem are because of using some unspecific original equipment, outer spare parts and other materials,etc.

lThe malfunction problem happens because of using some unspecific power or install in unspecific place。

Furthermore, this maintenance only apply to buyer with original equipment. 

If you want to resale the machine, this maintenance service should not be transfer。 AccuBal will not in charge of any responsibility, like some malfunction problem was made by client’s not correct manipulation or some unpredictable and unusual situation happen.  

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